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"Hey Harry! Can you make us tacos?" Louis asked. Harry groaned, and replied, "you lads need to learn how to cook for ya selves!" "Please Haz?" Niall asked as he pulled the puppy dog face. Harry sighed, and replied, "oh alright!" They cheered, and Harry made his way into the kitchen.
Liam watched him leave, and said, "I'm gonna help Hazza, be good!" The lads groaned a "yes" and Liam followed Harry into the kitchen. "Hey Haz, is it ok that I help?" Liam asked. Harry turned around and smiled. "Sure Li, thanks!" he responded. Liam got everything gathered, while Harry began to chop up all the materials for the tacos. Liam walked over to Harry's side, and placed the items on the counter. Liam wrapped his arm around Harry waist to relax, but a sudden gasp and giggle came from Harry.
Liam looked at Harry and asked, "what was that?" Harry swallowed nervousily, and replied, "n-nothing." Liam rose and eyebrow, and slid his finger in a circle on Harry's waist. The boy giggled some more, and tried to get away from Liam. Liam smiled and said, "Harry Styles, are you ticklish?" "N-no.." Harry lied.
"Harry, don't lie to me!" Liam warned. Harry sighed and replied, "yeah, but please don't tell the lads." Liam patted Harry's shoulders, and responded, "don't worry I won't, your secret is safe with me!" But what they didn't know was that Louis was secretly watching them, and with a cheeky smile, he went to tell the others.
"Lads! Want to have a tickle fight with Harry?" he asked them. Niall smiled and nodded, but Zayn raised an eyebrow. "I don't know Lou," he responded, but then Liam came in and asked, "what don't you know?" Louis turned around and said, "oh, we're just planning to have a tickle fight with Harry!" Liam's eyes widened, and he said, "Louis, were you listening to us?" Louis nodded, and asked, "are you guys in?" The three lads looked at eachother, and nodded. "Good, we strike after dinner!" Louis muttered.
When dinner was done, Harry yawned, and Louis asked, "you tired Haz?" He looked at him and said, "yeah a little bit, why?" "Oh, you won't be tired after this," Niall said. Harry noticed that the lads were circled around him, and he started to get nervous. "U-um, what a-are you p-planning on d-doing?" he asked, but he squeled when he felt fingers jab into his sides. Zayn and Liam quickly tackled Harry down, and pinned him. Zayn was sitting on Harry's arms. while Liam was sitting on his hips. Niall was resting on Harry's legs, facing his feet, while Louis was resting near his feet as well.
"Lads! P-please d-don't do this!" Harry whimpered, but the lads ignored him. Zayn slowly reached down, and lightly scratched at Harry's hollows, making the boy's back arch in torture. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Z-ZAYN! P-PLEASE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Harry bursted out, but then Liam added by digging into his sides and waist. Harry felt like he was getting shocked by lightning. "L-LIAM! Y-YOU SWORE Y-YOU WOULDN'T T-TELL! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" Harry laughed. The boy's face was sweating and turning red. Tears were also starting to prickle down his face.
"Hey Haz, what about here?" Louis asked as him and Niall scratched at his soles. Harry's squirming moved up a level, and he yelled, "HAHAHAHAHAHAH P-PLEASE! I C-CAN'T TAKE IT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" The lads shook their heads when Louis said, "hmm I'm gonna get his neck, can you handle here Niall?" Niall nodded, and Louis took his new place by Harry's neck.
"L-LOU! P-PLEASE NOT MY N-NECK! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" Harry begged through his laughter, but Louis didn't care, because he swiped his fingers across Harry's collarbone.  The boy's laughter jumped an octave, and he yelled,m "N-NO! P-PLEASE! NO!AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!" The nerves in Harry's body felt like they were about to burst, so he yelled, "L-LADS! I G-GOTTA PEE! P-PLEASE STOP! HHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" "Yeah, like your really gonna pee yourself!" Zayn laughed, but they kept going anyway. All of a sudden, Liam felt something wet travling through Harry's pants. "Oh my god! He was telling the truth! Stop!" Liam yelled. The lads got off of Harry to see a wet patch by Harry's member. The boy sniffed, and when he sat up the lads noticed his face was deep violet, and his eyes were clouded in sad tears.
"Haz..." Louis said, but Harry quickly stood up, and ran up the stairs to his room. "Lads, Harry told me not to tell anyone about this!" Liam sighed. The lads looked around and sighed, feeling really guilty they made Harry cry. Upstairs, Harry took off his wet pants and underwear, and put a fresh pair of pajama bottoms on. He sniffed, and sat on his bed, rubbing his eyes. All of a sudden, Harry heard his doorknob jiggle, then heard, "Harry, please open the door! We want to apologize!" Liam said through the door.
Harry got up and went to the door. He unlocked it, and went to lay on his bed again. He heard the door open, then four bodies laid down with him. When Harry opened his eyes, he saw Louis looking at him with guilt in his eyes. Harry rolled to lay on his back, and saw three more pairs of guilty eyes. "Haz were really sorry!" Louis whimpered. "We didn't mean to make you cry," Niall muttered. "We should've stopped when you told us to," Liam sighed. "What we're trying to say is that we're sorry," Zayn apologized. Harry sniffed, but a smile was on his face.
"Your forgiven if you cuddle with me, " Harry said as he laid back down. He heard four laughs, but then four bodies snuggled around him. "I love ya lads!" Harry mewed happily. "We love ya too!" the lads returned. And in about five minutes, all the lads were fast asleep snuggled together.
Got a request from OneDirectionLover45! Here ya go!
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Styles555 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Love it!
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In the words of the song by macklemore "This is fucking awesome"
StrawberryGiggles Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Student Writer
So cute, poor baby!
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loved it
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this was flipping awesome c: I loved it :D
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thanks :)
OneDirectionLover45 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013
This was so good!
Sparkss454 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Student Writer
thanks! i'm glad you like it, i just think the ending was kinda shitty but watever,
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